Audrey Mercieca from Luqa and lives in Gozo was born on 17th December 1974. Audrey started studying art and art history under the guidance of Professor Joseph Paul Cassar. Later on she attended classes by the late artist Mr Charles Cassar who emphasized on the imaginative painting. Audrey also attended Mr Anton Calleja’s life classes. She later continued attending Mr Alfred Briffa’s life classes were she consolidated her design especially in the human figure and portraiture and a good use of colour both in pastels and oils. Audrey also attended Mr Winston Hassall’s watercolour classes covering various subjects. For a brief period she frequented Mr Angelo Agius’ studio making statues in clay.  Audrey attended a three year sculpture course with the late Mr Joseph Chetcuti at the Malta School of Arts and designing at his studio. She placed first in the sculpture class with Mr Chetcuti. Later  she attended various courses at the Florence Academy of Art in 2013, 2016,2017 and 2018 covering drawing, painting and sculpture with internationally renowned artists Jordan Sokol, Eran Webber, Vitaliy Shtanko, Jura Bedic and Simone Olivia Moritz , The latest was a workshop in 2019 with artist Nicholas O’Leary in Mölndal Sweden which is 10 minutes outside Gothenburg.

Audrey received “Gieh l-Ghasri” in 2018 for painting the  “Bandalori” of the Ghasri village feast .

Audrey Mercieca believes that education in art is of optimal importance and that there’s always room to learn more.  Her experience in art yielded to artistic growth and style experimenting with different media in various subjects. It depends on her mood to pick up a media and start bringing to life on paper, canvas or in clay what’s in her mind. Her good observation, understanding and sensitivity towards the subject painted, result in paintings that  convey a mood. She prefers working from life so she’s either painting portraits and figures in her studio or painting landscapes plein-air.

Painting outdoors helps Audrey to feel one with nature and enhances her observation. While the scene infront of her is constantly changing due to change in lights, shadows, colours, and mobile objects example boats she can choose her palette and composition according to what inspires her at that moment. 

While painting en plein-air Audrey feels that she’s flowing in the moment and usually the result is a tranquil and peaceful painting.  

Many times a lot of tracking with the outdoor painting equipment has to take place to reach a desirable place to paint a particular scene. This brings out the inner child in the artist and reminds her of her childhood days when her mother used to take her out for very long walks in the countryside to explore new wonderful places. Audrey says she feels a divine presence and comfort in all the little things around her from the tiny ladybird on delicate petals, the breeze that caresses her skin, the shimmering golden light on the ocean, different colours of sandy beaches to the swaying trees in the wind, powerful rough seas and hot weather.

 Plein-air is also challenging at times when it’s too cold, windy or too hot however she always finds ways to go about it. Audrey paints plein-air all year round and she sees the pattern of nature from season to season. Nature is her teacher and she feels there’s even more to explore along her artistic journey.  Many might say that Malta is a small island but she says not if one sees it through the eyes of an artist.

Every painting for Audrey is part of her diary. Saying that, one can conclude that each painting is part of her life which brings to memory not only her story but also thoughts and feelings. 

Audrey is a member of the Malta Society of Arts & Pastel Society of Arts. She took part in various collective and solo exhibitions. Her works hang is private collections both in Malta and abroad.